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Are you buying, living, retiring, moving, studying, touring, trekking, working, being posted or just visiting abroad.

Find out about expatriates......old friends, or even new ones, make online friendships.

Contact expats worldwide through the network -

Contact Expats website has been designed to open up the world to expatriates.

Making it easy and simple, a fast and friendly way to communicate with other people about the world.

Making the world a smaller place -

An expats lifestyle can sometimes be a lonely existence, not knowing anyone in a new location.

Find people about through the network, and let them open up the area to you.

Giving you local information, advice about the best places to stay, and where to wine and dine.

E-mail to exchange news.

Contact Expats brings expats closer together -

Visiting the Contact Expats website is truly an international experience in global communication.

You may just want to e-mail expatriates in different countries making new friends.

Or maybe find out about old friends from the past, where you once worked or lived abroad.

"The world is truly at your finger tips" -

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